#!/bin/bash / Shell scripts


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All scripts are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3+ on this website. The license is included with all scripts. You can read the full license by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. However here is a short list what you can do with software licensed under the GNU GPL v3+.

You must:

  • Include Original
    Copies of the original licensed software/instructions to obtain copies must be distributed with the software.
  • State Changes
    Must state significant changes made to software.
  • Disclose Source
    You must disclose your source code when you distribute the software.

You can:

  • Commercial Use
    This software can be used for commercial purposes in derivative works.
  • Modify
    This software can be modified.
  • Distribute
    The software may be distributed.
  • Warranty
    You can place a warranty on the software.

You cannot:

  • Sublicense
    You must retain the original copyright and license.
  • Hold Liable
    Software is released without warranty and the software/license owner cannot be charged for damages.

The full license can be read by clicking the following link.

  • The GNU General Public License v3
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