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Bash Gorillas (bash-gorillas)
Bash Gorillas (bash-gorillas)
Bash Gorillas (bash-gorillas)

bash-gorillas is a demake of QBasic GORILLAS completely written in Bash.

Your mission is to hit your opponent with the exploding banana by varying the angle and power of your throw, taking into account wind speed, gravity, and the city skyline. The wind speed is show by a directional arrow at the bottom of the playing field, its length relative to its strength.

Unlike other scripts on this site, bash-gorillas is hosted on GitHub:

Full README and documentation can be found on GitHub, however some basic information is available here as well.


  • A terminal with a size of at least 80×22 (80 columns, 22 rows).
  • bc (basic calculator) for floating point arithmetic. Can be found in the bc package on major Linux distributions.
  • tput for terminal handling. Can be found in different ncurses packages on Linux distributions (see the table below for major distros).

Acquire and play bash-gorillas by entering the following commands in your terminal:

  • git clone https://github.com/szantaii/bash-gorillas.git
  • cd bash-gorillas
  • bash bash-gorillas.sh