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Mandelbrot set
Mandelbrot set
Mandelbrot set
Mandelbrot set

This shell script prints the Mandelbrot set to the terminal screen.

This script is a translation of Cygnus Software's sample program. Released and relicensed with the permission of Cygnus Software. For precise explanation of the algorithm and code please see the original code's website.

The script uses bc (basic calculator) for floating point operations since Bash cannot handle them internally. The script also uses tput to reset the terminal.

  • mandelbrot-set.tar.gz
    •     MD5: b181f7206da7bb4d47a5ba62169cb28a
    •   SHA-1: 0addb1a7f2a90f2171b1f429e795e2b9a9063b5d
    • SHA-256: 505f47403461770285b0508a5ce7589feb306873e4d60c7d6bc9dd365248250f